From the beginning in 1957 our company has been involved exclusively with manufacturing speed reduction gearboxes. Our particular aim has been dedicated to the manufacturers of machinery for plastics and similar products.

In the last 20 years of business, a continuous specialisation in the manufacture of gearboxes for extruders for plastics and similar products enabled our company to have a considerable and continuous development. Today, having two important manufacturing facilities, Zambello Riduttori is a leading company in this field all over the world.

The new factory of ZAMBELLO Riduttori Group is located in Magnago (Milano), not far from the MILANO MALPENSA 2000 Airport. The factory occupies an area of approx. 15’000 square meters, of which over 3000 are covered surface. Soon civil works for an extension of the covered surface by 1500 square meters will be started. This factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of gearboxes both for single-screw and twin-screw extruders and also of gearboxes for injection presses. The range manufactured here covers medium-sized and big gearboxes (for extruders from approx. 100 mm to 300 mm screw diameter).

The factory ZAMBELLO Riduttori 2 is located in Lendinara (Rovigo) on an area of more than 70’000 square meters, of which approx. 9000 are covered surface, including the new extensions already under construction. Also this factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of gearboxes both for single-screw and twin-screw extruders and of gearboxes for injection presses, however in larger series, as the range involves medium-sized and small gearboxes (for extruders from approx. 25 mm to 90 mm screw diameter).

The company’s policy has always been based on constant RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT, by which Zambello Riduttori now manufactures high-tech products of elevated performance and excellent reliability. These gearboxes derive from the careful selection of raw materials and components, from the machining in-house on advanced CNC machine tools, from the careful checking of any parts during the entire machining process and finally from the well over ten years of experience in the important stage of assembling.

All components, starting with the bearings, which are used on the ZAMBELLO gearboxes, come from first-class European manufacturers.

The many tests, to which all ZAMBELLO gearboxes are subject to before being delivered to the customers, are carried out on very precise and sophisticated machinery. This is the best proof of the quality of our gearboxes.

The aim of our company is the constant strive over the years which has gained the recognition of our customers in an increasing number all over the world.