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Welcome to ZAMINDIA

ZAMINDIA, an engineering consultancy, was initiated in 2013 with the precision engineering legacy of Italian brand, Zambello Riduttori. The dynamic innovation of ZAMINDIA, created a unique synergy that drives excellence in the field of gear manufacturing and engineering consultancy. ZAMINDIA represents a harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship and Indian ingenuity, resulting in top-tier products and comprehensive consulting services that cater to diverse Plastic industrial need.

Introduction about zambello

Zambello Group founded in 1957 by Zevio Zambello, the Zambello Group – and has been involved from the beginning with designing and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes dedicated to the extrusion field, in which the company is world leader. From the beginning has manufactured exclusively in Italy.

The headquarters is located in Magnago,in the Milano province, The site of Magnago covers a surface of Approx. 16,000 sqm, of which over 5,000 sqm are roofed, This facility produce gearbox single screw and twin screw extruder of big dimensions ( i.e extruder having screw diameter from 120 and above).

The main manufacturing site is located in Lendinara, in the Rovigo province and covers surface of nearly 120,000 sqm of which over 13,000 sqm are roofed. This facility produce gearbox in series for single screw and twin screw extruder of small and medium size ( up to screw diameter approx. 105 mm) and also gearboxes for injection presses of similar dimensions.

In order to manufacture the most performing gearboxes with helical gears in the world, Zambello group currently uses highly technological production systems.

As confirmation of the high reliability by which our product are distinguished, both factories of Zambello group are certified according to EN ISO 9001.

Magnago Plant
Milano, Italy

Lendinara Plant
Rovigo, Italy


To contribute to the Plastic Industry as a long-term player and pioneer of value-added technology in the country by committing ourselves to pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence and providing our clients with products and solutions that enhance their operational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.


Our Vision is to be a leading business enterprise synonymous with the highest ethical standards in terms of delivering exceptional value for customers and commit to supplying on time while maintaining unparalleled quality gearboxes and consultancy services.
Phoebe Marshall
Sales Director
Donald Thompson
John Green
Sales Manager
John Green
Sales Manager
The company is the constant strive over the years which has gained the recognition of our customers in an increasing number all over the world


The Specialist in Extruder Gearboxes.